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This area is fully editable and gives you the opportunity to go into more detail about your business, what you do and what sets you apart from the competition.
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Each of the programmes has being designed for  our  professional student to meet our educational objectives. The training provides student with the specialist knowledge and skills they need in their various speed.



Ø As a working adult, you bring your own professional experience to the classroom.
Ø Is a school of Professional Studies
Ø We value the goals of working adults. Whether you want to advance in your current organisation. Change careers or fulfil a lifelong dream of earning a professional qualification. Our programmes give you the ability to pursue your goals without interrupting your busy schedule.
Ø Our school of professional studies provides innovative educational programmes that place goals within reach. Here  students seat for Professional Examination and become Chartered in their area of specialization  

                         Artisan/Technician s Modular Examination

Tips in Collaboration with National Business and Technical Examination Board (NABTEB) has brought single Modular Certificate Examination for those who went to be certified in marketable Modules of trade and artisans who wish to up grade their skills for purposes of employment and up ward mobility, those trained in the informal Educational sector (apprenticeship scheme) but with adequate knowledge and skills to sit for the examination can show their interest in the following fields:
                              Remedia/Advanced Programme

In a bid to provide opportunity for the working class students and most especially those who inspire to become professionals in their chosen carriers.  The Institute of Professional Studies (TIPS) has commenced CED Project for Part Time National Diploma (ND) and Higher National Diploma (HND) within Akure metropolis.
The Institution is more or less than hundred miles, accredited by National Board Technical Education, Kaduna and qualified students are admitted by Joint Admission Matriculation Board. For more the Polytechnic visit and
As part of bridging higher technical education to the door steps of working class students in Ondo State  the  courses approved for TIPS centre  are standards with core value of attaining the millennium goal through professionalism. TIPS were set up with an aim to enhance professionalism and excellence in the society through professional qualifications and skilled acquisition programmes.
The programmes are :Mass Communication, Accountancy, Banking and Finance, Marketing, Statistics, Business Administration, Public Administration, Computer Science and Computer Engineering. The Students matriculation and convocation will take place at the main campus, for avoidance of doubt, admission requirement and other related issues visit

                                 Short Programme

Course of Studies
 Professional Courses
 Affliated Courses
 Public Relations
 Administrative Management
 Business Management
 Personnel Management
 Sales Management

 Federal Government Vocational Certificate in Film Production
Mass Communication                                    .
Banking and Finance,
 Business Administration,
 Public Administration,
 Computer Science
Electrical/Electronic Engineering
  and Computer Engineering.
         Programme: National Diploma and Higher National Diploma
 The Students matriculation and convocation will take place at the main campus, for avoidance of doubt, on afflaite programme  visit Polytechnic site
 Modular/Advanced Courses
  Short Courses

 . A Salesmanship                                        7. Computer Craft Practice
   (i) And Purchasing and supply              8. Animal Husband
   (ii) Advertising Agency)                        9. Fishery
     Graphic Art                                          10. Painting and Decorating
(Public Relation and Advertising)        11. Cosmetology 
Secretarial Studies                                  12. Catering Craft Practice
Radio Television                                       13. Printing Craft  Practice

      (Electronics work)                             14. Textile Trades
Marine Engineering                                 15. Book Keeping
6.  Ship Building Craft                             17. Tourism
                                                                      18. Photography
                                          Period Of Examination
                            Twice a year, March and December.
                                             Award of Certificates
                         National Technical Certificate (Modula)NTC
                         National Business Certificate ( Modular)NBC

              Data Processing Managment
              Media Buying,Placement and Negotiation                               
              Graphic Design
              Web Design

                                      Diploma Certificate
                            Duration for Lectures 3-6 Months