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   Get relevant literatures for your professional examination on:
                                          PUBLIC RELATIONS
Public relations: writing and media techniques ----Dennis L Wilcox
Public Relations policy, planning and strategy -Sulaiman A.Osho
Advertising and public relations l--------------- -Sulaiman A. Osho
Media and methods in public relation------------Sulaiman A.Osho
Public relation practice: an African Persp-------Dayo Duyile
Public relations, strategies and tactics-----------DennisL. Wecox
Principles of public relation---------   -------------Frank Jefkin
News reporting and writing----------------------- Melvin mencher
Dr. Sam Expelled Memorial Gold Pap..................Edited by: Sabo Sarki
Guide to career in public relation-------------NIPR
Public relations journal-------------------------NIPR
Think public relations---------------------------Dennis L. Nilcox
Public relations for local governmen--------- NIPR Nigeria
Perspective of public relations in African
Case studies on public relations
Research and evaluated in public relations
Lecture kits for BEEC and NIPR students
Advertising and public relations laws-----------  Sulaiman A Osho
Advertising and public relations techniques:
A guide on marketing  techniques in Nigeria.....  Segun Bakare
The effective use of advertising media-----------Martyn Davies
Advertising management----------------------------D.A Aaker
Advertising made simple--------------------------- Frank Jeftin
The practice of advertising Normal A.
Advertising journals
Contemporary advertising Boree and Area
                                          PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT
Industrial relations in Nigeria-------------------------Tayo Fashoyin
Personnel management ---------------------------------R.J Reddy
Human Resources and Personnel management ----   K. John
Lecture kit
Principles of marketing-------------------------------------------- Kotler and Armstrong
Marketing management--------------------------------------------Kotler and Armstrong
Global marketing-----------------------------------------------------Kegan Green
International marketing -------------------------------Philip R. Cateora
Direct marketing -----    Herbert Katzenstein and Williams S. Sachs
Journal s of the institute of marketing of Nigeria
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